i did a thing for tommy

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Steve Rogers | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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How terrifying is James Spader on set? x

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Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo showing off their “Super Secret Superhero Belts”

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steve rogers in a tank top (♥‿♥ )

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From a new interview with George Miller in the September issue of Empire, available now!

Q: Where does this [film] fit into the series?

GM: I never devised a whole series of stories all that time ago, so you’d have to see it as a stand-alone film, but it has very strong references to the other three, and Mad Max 2 is the one that it refers to most.


The Struggle is Real: A Day of Marvel Presscon in the Life of Chris Evans (x

Bonus Chris shaking his head because reasons


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every halloween


every halloween

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get to know me (10 actors): chris evans

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Oh, oh, baby, it’s a wild world…

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